Welcome to the Website of the Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers at universities and academic institutions in Baden-Württemberg (LaKoG)



LaKoG is an association of equal opportunities officers at research universities, universities of education, as well as universities of art and design and universities of music and performing arts in Baden-Württemberg.

According to the statutes, responsibilities of this association include:

  • Information, coordination and support for equal opportunities officers at individual colleges
  • Participation in opinion making on matters of education and science
  • Generating public awareness for equal opportunities issues

Core activities are:

  • Encouraging women to take up an academic career and making their contributions visible
  • Supporting talented young women academics 
    • Margarete von Wrangell programme to promote young women university lecturers
    • MuT programme – Mentoring and Training
  • Avoiding and reducing structural barriers and discriminatory structures faced by women in research and academia
  • Enforcing agreed equal opportunities goals and systems of incentives
  • Enhancing the compatibility of career and family (work life balance) 
    • Schlieben-Lange programme for young women researchers and academics with children
    • Online Children and Day Care Portal
  • Promoting the interests of women scientists and students on a regional and national level

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Who we are

The membership of the Conference is composed of equal opportunities officers, their deputies, and heads of gender equality offices, of the research universities, universities of education, as well universities of art and design and universities of music and performing arts specified in LMG § 1.

Organisation and Activities

The work of the Conference is based on its statutes and its ballot rules and regulations.

What we do

The foremost aims of the Conference are to reduce discrimination against women in academia and to avoid such discrimination in the future. Women are actively supported and encouraged to overcome existing obstacles and to aim at a career in science, research or business in spite of the lack of female role models.

The Conference office organises the cooperation of equal opportunities officers at academic institutions in Baden-Württemberg. On the state level, it is the central contact point for the equal opportunities officers, students and researchers of these institutions. The Conference has been very efficient in communicating with policy makers, ministries, and other associations. 

The commitment of the Conference is evident in its decisions and resolutions, as well as in the promotional programmes it runs and has initiated, and its other activities. 



e-mail: kontakt@lakog.uni-stuttgart.de

phone: 0711 / 685 – 82000

Due to the pandemic, the best way to contact us is by email.